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Here at Medimorphosis, we believe that food is medicine. We use a variety of resources including meal replacements, real whole foods from your grocery store and varying combinations of the two. Your initial evaluation with our bariatric (obesity medicine) physician will help us to elicit the best approach for you and your health, while taking into account your personal preferences. The initial goal is to bring the body into a state of healing while revving up its fat-burning capacity. As your journey continues, creating a prescription for fueling your new, healthier body that will create the life you envision, is our ultimate aim. You will come to truly enjoy the real, whole foods your body craves including plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, nuts, and whole grains while leaving plenty of room for occasional treats. We are certain you’ll come to love your new way of life and we are here to assist you on your path toward feeling great! 




We believe our bodies are made to move. Our Medimorphosis team is highly trained in various types of physical activity to support you as you discover the many ways your body can be active. Brand new to exercise? Or maybe you have been at it for years? No matter where you begin, we will consider your current level of function. We will help you find movement you can truly enjoy. Pressed for time? You will learn to use creative ways to weave activity into your daily life. Whether it is through towel exercises between meetings in your office, yoga on the beach, apps on your phone or a video series at home, we are certain you will grow your passion for motion as it becomes a permanent habit.




We, as a medical community, now know more than ever before about the diseases of overweight and obesity. These are chronic, complex inflammatory conditions with many contributing factors such as genetics, stress, demanding lifestyles, comorbid medical problems, sleep disturbances and more. As bariatric physicians with a deep understanding of weight, we use the full arsenal of FDA-approved medications and supplements during your treatment. You will have a comprehensive medical evaluation with our obesity medicine specialist, Dr. Huegel, which includes medical history, focused bariatric physical exam, EKG, and relevant bloodwork. Through our in-depth assessment, we will uncover any barriers standing in the way of you reaching your optimum health as well as educate you about any obesity-related conditions. Together, we will design a treatment plan that will bring your health into balance, thus allowing your body to let go of excess weight.




Our skillful team will help you harness the power we all have within to create the life you desire. You will learn to identify old sabotaging thought patterns and create new supportive ones. You will examine your behavior and develop new awareness that will set you free. Through our collaboration with you, you will learn to use tools like cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, meditation, affirmations, humor, even spirituality to help guide you toward your brilliance. In addition, we offer MB-EAT, Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training, an optional 12 week small group class using mindfulness practices to help redefine your relationship with food and yourself. 


Medimorphosis is the only obesity medicine practice in NJ of its kind. The time is now to put in motion your journey toward reaching your full potential.


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