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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Life will always throw us curve balls and it is important to use these curve opportunities. The most critical thing we can do during these challenging times is assess our approach. We have been asked to take unprecedented actions during this Coronavirus epidemic and the easy, default response is to panic and worry. Worry makes us feel like we’re in control when we have no control or perhaps it just feels familiar but we do have control. Control in how we react to the circumstances and that makes all the difference. Here are some ways you can “make lemonade out of lemons”:

-use this time to food prep and freeze healthy options like grilled chicken breasts, turkey burgers and soups

-use this time to find great workouts on line that can be done at home (Youtube is a great free resource and there are a lot of great free apps)

-get outside and bike, walk, hike (bonus: do it with your family and enjoy the bonding)

-check out the Calm app or Headspace app and learn how to meditate

-clean, clean, clean! This is a great time for spring cleaning

-write in a journal

-find and experiment with new healthy recipes

These measures are healthcare and self care at its core. Proactive prevention is paramount. We can’t wait for the heart attack to start exercising and eating more vegetables. We can’t wait for the cancer to start meditating and reducing stress. And we can’t wait to start self care when the virus hits. We must be in the best health we can so when the challenge strikes, we are ready!

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